It is a wine-sensory journey of excellence in Sicily, the one proposed by the Firriato in his Wine Tasting. The experienced wine-lover as well as the neophyte who approaches to wine for the first time, will find – in a setting of pure conviviality – an attentive sommelier who presents Firriato wines and terroir of reference. Favignana, the various seals of agricultural of “Agro” Trapani and Mount Etna can be experienced directly in the glasses, joining one of the six formulas tasting tours offered. A carnet full of possibility where wine is always the protagonist and where – at certain times –it is possible to combine a selection of local products, meeting the need to pair wine and food. The general conditions of service, timetables and methods of participation are contained in the Handbook that suggest you read carefully, in order to make the choice that best suits your expectations. Do not make tastings under the age of 16. During the reservation you have to inform us about any food intolerances or allergies to some ingredients.

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